Pastor Manaai & Pai Pai

Church Planters South East Asia

Pastor Manaai and his wife, Pai Pai, work as church planters in a very poor and primarily Buddhist country of over 50 million people which is hostile to the gospel. According to Joshua Project, 84 % of this country’s population is considered unreached by the gospel. An ongoing civil war which has lasted for decades as well as high inflation, political isolation, the devastation of natural disasters, and persecution from both the government and the majority Buddhist population all combine to make this a very difficult country to live and minister in. In addition, foreign gospel workers were forced to leave almost 50 years ago. The few Bible believing and gospel preaching churches that exist in this country are house churches often led by leaders with very little and often no Bible or theological training.

It is this context in which Pastor Manaai and his family minister making disciples, gathering them into churches, and then training leaders to lead them. Besides leading two of these new church plants Manaai also provides personal support for two “family-based” children’s homes outside the city where he serves. He also provides leadership to several pastors and church planters who desire is to see a gospel preaching church planted in the over 70,000 villages in this country without a gospel witness. To further this endeavor Manaai acts as our Regions In Need liaison and coordinator for providing Bible and theological training to pastors and pastors-in-training throughout this country.

Please pray for Manaai and his family as they serve in this way for the glory of God. We support Manaai and his family for $100 per month but want to do more by the grace of God. If you’d like to help us with his family’s support please give to Regions In Need through the “GIVE” tab on this website. Thank you!


Awn & Cherry

Children’s Home Parents South East Asia

After trusting in Jesus Christ in 1996 and receiving Bible training, Cherry had a burden to look after orphans and destitute children. So, in 2008, she began a work on her own and then, in 2016, she married Awm and they both began caring for abandoned children in their home. Today, Awm and Cherry have two biological children of their own and care for 17 other abandoned children and orphans. Awm works long hours driving a taxi in a large city to provide funds to care for his large family, while Cherry stays home with the children. Recently, they were forced to leave the house they were in because their landlord didn’t want that many children in his house. Without funds to purchase or rent another house, they found vacant land outside their city and built a bamboo “frame shelter” to live in. They work in partnership with Pastor Manaai in living out the gospel by caring for “the least of these”. Their sacrifice in providing a home for abandoned children is a living witness to the love of Christ and power of the gospel.

Please pray about Awm and Cherry’s many needs as they finish construction on their temporary shelter while trying to raise funds to purchase land in order to build a permanent house for their orphanage. Also, pray that the Lord would provide monthly support to provide for their children’s needs as well as begin income generating projects to help them become self-sufficient.

We currently provide as much help as we can to Cherry and Awm each month to purchase food. We’d like to do much more but are limited in our resources. Our desire is to support them for at least $200 per month. Please prayerfully consider providing financial support for Awm and Cherry by giving to Regions In Need through the “GIVE” tab on this website. Thank you!

New Life family.JPG

Pastor Maung

Church Planter & Founder of New Life Orphanage

Pastor Maung and his wife, Naw Eh Kalal Htoo, are church planters in a closed country in South East Asia along with Pastor Manaai. Besides church planting, they also began taking abandoned children into their home to care for them. This led them to begin an orphanage called New Life Orphanage in the village where they are planting a church. This gospel advancing family is very poor and in great need as they try to care for their own three children, as well as those abandoned children that they have taken into their home. In addition, they also share their very limited provisions with other villagers in need as they make much of Jesus by sacrificially meeting the needs of others.

We currently provide Pastor Maung and his children’s home with finances for food as often as we are able. We’d like to be able to provide him and his work with at least $200 per month to meet the needs of his family as he and his wife plant a church in a gospel-deprived village and care for abandoned children. Please prayerfully consider providing financial support for Pastor Maung and his family by giving to Regions In Need through the “GIVE” tab on this website. Thank you!



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