Our Vision

Regions In Need exists to glorify God by advancing frontline missions by training, mentoring, resourcing, and providing pastoral care to national believers and overseas workers who are willing to engage unreached and least reached people groups in hard to access areas of the world with the Gospel and plant indigenous New Testament churches among them.


Our Commitment

Regions in Need is committed to providing training and resources free of charge, to those who need them, through the generosity of donors who share the vision of advancing frontline missions for the glory of God and eternal joy of God's people.  Currently, we are providing training, resources, consultation and pastoral care to national believers and foreign workers in Africa and Asia. We are also training and resourcing refugees and asylum seekers from Congo and Angola right here in the U.S. as they desire to reach displaced Africans in the U.S. with the Gospel.


Our Rational

National believers whom God calls to work as evangelists, missionaries, pastors, and/or church planters among their own people have the advantage of knowing and understanding their own culture and language.  However, having said that, they may or may not know and understand the Word of God well enough to truly minister the Gospel to their own people group.  This is where Regions In Need can help.  You see, we cannot possibly provide believers with cultural and linguistic training for every possible unreached people group in the world.  We can, however, provide a theologically sound, biblically saturated,  cross-culturally savvy, gospel-centered, field-proven Bible education to those believers desiring to go into their own cultures to minister the Gospel and plant biblical churches.  Thus, the rational behind Regions In Need is that in providing national believers with an excellent well-rounded and practical Bible education they will be able to combine this training with their own cultural experience and awareness so as to minister the Gospel and start solid churches within their own culture.


Our Students

Our students know, love, worship, serve, and are consumed with passionately pursuing Christ and His will for their lives even if His will means suffering for the sake of the Gospel.  They are men and women ready to do hard things for Christ and the sake of the Gospel and are not consumed with their own self-preservation and comfort.  They have a track record of living by faith, disciplining themselves for the purpose of godliness, practicing servant-leadership, and sacrificially serving Christ by serving others. 

If Interested In Our Training or Desiring Training In Your Area Please Contact Us At:  regionsinneed@gmail.com