Our Plan

Regions In Need endeavors to train, mentor, resource, and provide pastoral care to national and cross-cultural missionaries so as to assist, equip, and encourage them to labor among the remaining unreached people groups of the world where there is still little or no access to the gospel.

Whereas, our initial plan was to train national believers to plant national led, self-sustaining, self-reproducing, evangelical Christian  churches among the Fulani people of Cameroon we have expanded our efforts and are now working with other unreached people groups in Africa as well as in Asia.

Regions In Need's training program combines intensive in-class preparation and study with ‘hands-on’ training in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting among unreached people groups.  We believe the most effective way to learn how to plant churches is by doing it with experienced church planters.  We do not minimize the importance of classroom learning, but we do believe on-field mentoring coupled with classroom instruction in the midst of an unreached people group is what makes our training unique.

Our training does not replace a college or seminary degree nor is a college degree required for entrance into our program.  The training we offer is designed specifically for national believers interested in pioneer church planting among unreached people groups.

While the focus in our training is primarily among unreached tribal groups, we believe the principles of church planting that will be taught are universal and cut across cultures, target groups, and religious backgrounds.  Classroom training will focus on a broad range of topics including Bible, Theology, Cross-cultural Communications, Missionary Tactics, Apologetics, Evangelism & Discipleship,  Spiritual Disciplines, Preaching, Pastoral Ministry, Church-Planting, and other related subjects.  Times of worship and prayer are also built into the schedule.  The practical ‘hands on’ training consists of ‘recon’ trips into areas where unreached people groups live to build relationships, preach the Gospel, disciple converts, and begin  home or cell churches.  

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The Following Is A Sampling of Our Classes.

*Theology (Biblical & Systematic)

*Chronological Study of the Bible

*Getting The Gospel Right

*The Gospel According to Genesis

*Old Testament & New Testament Surveys

*The Plague of Missions–Recognizing & Dealing With False Teachers &Their Teaching

*Understanding The Church–1 Timothy & Titus

*Missions & Missionary Expansion In the Book of Acts

*Church Planting Absolutes & Principles

*Spiritual Leadership

*Pastoral Ministry

*Preaching & Teaching

*History of Missions

*Principles of Bible Study

*Understanding Your Identity in Christ

*Bible Story Telling

*Bible Expositional Courses (ie. Genesis, Nehemiah, Romans, John, Acts, Jude, etc.)