The Christ of the Gospel (part 1)

Romans 1:1-3

The Christ of the Gospel (part 2)

Romans 1:1-3

The Christ of the Gospel (part 3)

Romans 1:1-3

The All Powerful Son of God

Romans 1:3

The Son of God with Power

Romans 1:4

Jesus Christ Our Lord

Romans 1:4

A Christ Exalting Ministry

Romans 1:5

The Goal of the Gospel

Romans 1:5

The Believer’s Identity

Romans 1:6

What Does God Think About You

Romans 1:7

Appropriating God’s Grace

Romans 1:7

The Main Thing

Romans 1:8

Churches That Make Much of Jesus (part 1)

Romans 1:9-10

Churches That Make Much of Jesus (part 2)

Romans 1:9-10

Churches that Make Much of Jesus (part 3)

Romans 1:9-10

The Role and Extent of the Sign Gifts

Romans 1:11-12

The Gospel is the Power of God

Romans 1:14-16

Saved from Whom

Romans 1:16

Saved from God, by God, to Know and Enjoy God

Romans 1:16-17

Saved for What

Romans 1:16

Saved to See God

Romans 1:16

Saved to Experience God in Heaven

Romans 1:16

Saved to be with God

Romans 1:16

The Evidence that Condemns Us

Romans 1:18-20

The Consequences of Not Being Captivated by Christ

Romans 1:18-32

The Judgement Of God

Romans 2:1-11

The Only Thing That Will Matter At The Great White Throne

Romans 2:12-16

The Heart Of The Matter Is The Heart

Romans 2:17-29

Under Sin or Under Grace

Romans 3:9

Are Those Who Become Christians Any Better Than Others

Romans 3:9-10

There Is No One Who Understands

Romans 3:11a

The Bondage Of Affections

Romans 3:11b

A Reason To Be Thankful

Romans 3:12-24

God’s Good News Of Justification

Romans 3:21-24

Christmas Is The Proof

Romans 3:25-26

Behold The Lamb of God

Romans 3:25

Justified By Faith

Romans 4:1-8

Happy Are The Forgiven (pt.1)

Romans 4:6-8

Happy are the Forgiven (pt.2)

Romans 4:7-8

Justification by Faith and Believers New Identity

Romans 4:7-8

Jesus Died to Make You Holy and Happy

Romans 4:7-8

Saved by Faith, Not Religiosity

Romans 4:9-12

Justifying Faith

Romans 4:13-17