A sermon series on Genesis by Mark S. Waite


The Bible Is all about jesus

Genesis 1:1



The God in our mess

Genesis 1:1-2


Jesus is the god who speaks

Genesis 1:3



Genesis 1:1-13


Who God Created Us To Be

Genesis 1:14-31

Created in his image

Genesis 1: 26-31

The creation mandate

Genesis 1: 26-28

The Best DAY

Genesis 2:1-3

introducing yawheh-the god who saves

Genesis 2:4

The garden and the third tree

Genesis 2:5-19

why god builds a marriage

Genesis 2:18-20

god's one plan for marriage

Genesis 2:18-25

naked and not ashamed

Genesis 2:25-3:21

the serpent in the garden

Genesis 3:1-14

the origins and fall of satan

Genesis 3:1-14

the great reversal 

Genesis 3:15

sins consequences and super-abounding grace

Genesis 3:16-24

paradise lost and regained

Genesis 3:24